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Friday week ago we had the company end of year party, with the theme of "The Oscars". We were strongly encouraged to go in costume...

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Alternate title: Old (but not as old as your mother).

On this day, 18 August 2007 (15:05 for anyone who wants to be that specific) I turn 30 years of age.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!


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Hello there, Interblogs.

Yes, I know it's been a while since I've posted much of anything to this here LJ, so I though I'd give a quick update of the last few months or so...

Items of interest:

  • I have recently purchased myself a brand new very fine automobile. A Mazda 3 automatic sedan in "Aurora Blue". I like it very much, seeing as my first car was older than I was (a 1976 Holden Gemini, for those interested); and my second car (which I traded in) was a 1994 Hyundai Excel hatch (nick-named "The Silver Bullet" due to it's size, shape, and colour rather than it's speed or ability to kill lycanthropes).

  • Work has been extremely busy, which seems to be the default mode of operations over the last few months. We have recently moved out of our old building (where we were leasing floorspace) into a building all of our own. It's not too bad, though there were a lot of initial complaints from people before we moved into the new digs. Those complaints seem to have pretty much vanished after a couple of weeks. But despite the thrill and excitement of moving locations, work goes on and on and on and... you get the picture.

  • I got my Maritza Campos art auction art! I loves it very much... see the previous post for details.

  • Speaking of love, without a doubt the biggest "item of interest" over the last few months is the new love of my life, Michelle.
    (She'll probably kill me, or at least injure me severely for putting her picture up :D ). I think this is a great picture, but she doesn't like it. What do you all think? (P.S. I love you, Chelle!)

  • I managed to score the first two weeks of July as holidays, so Michelle and I went down south together for a few days, travelling around, seeing the sights, and visiting a few (dozen) wineries. The countryside was beautiful - rolling green hills, Karri and Jarrah forests, so peaceful... We spent the first part of the holiday at place called Blackwood River Cottages, just outside of Nannup. From there we visited Balingup, Bridgetown, Pemberton, Manjimup, and Nannup. After Nannup we went to Busselton via Augusta, which is quite a detour, but well worth it. From Busselton we hit the Margaret River wine region. We came home with the car-boot literally full of wine, port, cheese, fudge, olive oil, and other tasties - we had to put the suitcases on the back seat to fit everything else in the car! All in all, a great time was had - I really needed to get away, seeing as I was starting to feel burnt-out from work. We're thinking of doing the south coast next year for our holidays - Augusta, Walpole, Albany, and the Porongerups/Mt Barker.

  • Last Tuesday I took Michelle to see Architecture In Helsinki, one of my most fave bands ever. This was their last gig in Australia before heading off overseas to tour the new album "Places Like This". I had a great time, though Chelle didn't enjoy herself as much, because something she drank made her feel unwell halfway through the gig. Anyway, if you're into bizarre, quirky pop/rock, then AIH is the band for you. "Boom dada dada dah, boom dah dah dah dah - Heart It Races!" :D

So, that's about it. My life seems to be revolving around work, Chelle, and D&D, but all in all things are good. Actually, better than good - things are bloody excellent, considering my state of mind earlier this year. Cheers!

Dexam, signing off for now, but promising (as always) to update more often.

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Current Music: Architecture In Helsinki - Places Like This

In May this year I won a College Roomies from Hell!!! art auction - myself (or my Board avatar) with the Roomie of my choice.

Behold the fruits of Maritza's labour: Dexam and April.

It's perfect. I love it to bits.

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To quote a great Wizzard: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

(If you have no idea what this is about, look here.)

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My sister nearly died yesterday.

Several hours after giving birth to Ethan (around midnight on the 26th), she started haemorrhaging badly due to a blood clot. She was put into Intensive Care. She used up the hospital's entire supply of her blood type, and most of the supply from another hospital (about 9-10 units, or 4 litres). She was stablised after four injections of a new type of anti-haemorrhage drug - Lesley was the first person that hospital has ever used the drug on ($7000 per injection, for those interested). That drug probably saved her life, and certainly saved her ability to have more children in the future, because if it hadn't worked the only other option would have been an emergency hysterectomy.

Baby Ethan is perfectly fine and healthy. I'm going to go see them today when visiting hours start.

I got this news around 9pm last night, after getting home from an after-work function. Even though I knew Lesley was okay, it still freaked me out a bit. I had a carpe diem moment and went to spend some quality time with Michelle (aka DevilAngel).

Life is strange.

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My sister Lesley and her partner Rob have spawned!

A boy: Ethan Carlton; born 26 April at 7:45pm; weighs in at 3.6 kb (8 lbs); length of 53 cm (20 in).

Congrats to them!
I'm an uncle!
My parents are now grandparents!

Although I'm going to have to glare at Rob when I see him for the choice of the second name...

Current Mood: happyOMG! It's a baby!

I'm in it.

What more needs to be said?

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Melbourne was great and Nullus Anxietas was total blast. I am so glad I went.

Here begins the narrative...Collapse )

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In just a few short hours I'm jetting off to Melbourne for Nullus Anxietas, the Australian Discworld Convention. I will be spending three days hanging out and having fun with fellow Discworld nerds, and possibly with Terry Pratchett himself - 10 lucky Con-goers will win an "Afternoon Tea with Terry".

Plus I've put aside some time to have a quick look around Melbourne, seeing as I've never been there before.

When I get back I'll be sure to post a summary of what I got up to, and probably some pictures.

See you when I get back!

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